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Our history

In 1852 Martin de Pury & Cie founded the "Preliminary Rolling Factory" at Le Locle, which specialized in the melting of gold and the manufacture of watch cases, establishing the foundations of the future Metalor industrial group.

In 1864 the factory, which then had a staff of five, was acquired by the Bank of Le Locle. Soon after being taken over by the Société de Banque Suisse (SBS) in 1918, the workshop - which by now had some thirty employees - started refining precious metals and producing bank ingots.

The SBS subsidiary, Métaux Précieux SA Metalor, a title it was to retain for 65 years, was founded in 1936. Developing its production activities first at the Neuchatel site, and then in other countries throughout the world, Metalor was to remain in the bank's ownership until 1998, when its majority ownership was taken over by a group of industrial investors.

As of April 2001 the designation "Metalor Technologies" has been incorporated in the names of all Metalor Group companies.

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