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Environmental policy

Environmental respect and preservation of the environment are important values for Metalor Technologies SA. We commit ourselves, as far as economically possible, to prevent, contain and reduce any pollution or nuisance that may result from our activities, products and services. The Advanced Coatings, Refining and Technology Products Divisions, which are responsible for the entire manufacturing site in Marin, understand in detail the responsibilities linked to their activities and have established their environmental management on the ISO 14001:2004 norm.

Management up to its highest level commits itself to optimize the robust environmental performance of the Group. It assumes the responsibility for environmental management at every level of the company.

The management will apply the necessary technical, human and financial resources for the introduction of its policy and the maintenance of the system.

Our environmental management system identifies the environmental hazards which may be associated with the company's activities.

It assures an effective identification of hazards and an efficient prevention of incidents that may occur to human beings or the environment.

This management system establishes a follow-up protocol for our environmental performance and evaluates the performance in accordance with our measurement system. We endeavor to prevent and reduce water and air emissions and to limit their impact on the environment. We commit ourselves to limit energy, water and other natural resources consumption, as well as the production of waste, in particular toxic waste.

The development of new products and manufacturing processes takes into account their impact on the environment and hazards they may present.

We also endeavor to prevent or limit the nuisance towards our customers and to work with suppliers that respect the environment.

We maintain a continuous improvement process in our organization and our environmental performance, based on respect for the law together with various other measures to assure the security of our employees, of the public and especially of our neighbors in Marin.

We distribute information internally so that each employee understands and respects these principles and is responsible for their application in the scope of their activities and individual competences. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive information to the appropriate third parties (our neighbors, authorities, customers) and we commit ourselves to maintain a transparent dialogue on all questions concerning the environment.

The quality of our procedure and the way it is applied are attested by the international certification ISO 14001.

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