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The focus of our business is precious metals. Our core competencies are chemistry, metallurgy and management of precious metals.

We will create exceptional value for our customers, stakeholders and shareholders in a culture of performance, innovation, trust and respect.

We will deliver high quality products and services to customers that provide solutions, add value and exceed expectations. We will be recognized as a market leader, trusted business partner and supplier of choice.

We encourage our employees and provide them with the tools and training that enable them to create exceptional value for their external and internal customers. We offer equal opportunity, a healthy, safe and secure working environment and competitive compensation and benefits.

We will develop mutually beneficial long term relationships with vendors, financial partners, and service providers who are committed to exceeding our expectations.

We will maximize shareholder value by delivering growth, profitability, strong cashflow and return on investment while continually improving environmental performance and maintaining the highest ethical standards.

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