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Common sense innovation - twice as simple, twice as fast

Entering the word "innovation" into a standard Internet search engine presents around 12 million links. Innovation has become a real buzzword of the twenty-first century. It crops up all over the place - there are Museums of Innovation, Ministers of Innovation, Innovation Institutes - the list is endless. Here at Metalor Technologies we have created our own definition of "Innovation". The driving force behind our success is what we call "Common sense innovation" - getting useful results, twice as simply and twice as fast.

As a leading manufacturer of top-quality precious metals and a service provider to companies using precious metals, we are a technology-based company. But that is only the beginning. To this cutting- edge technology we add a range of vital people-driven components - new customer requirements that we integrate into the development of our products from day one, ideas and findings of Metalor staff all over the world, plus research from top European universities. Common sense innovation combines the potential of people and Swiss precision technology to produce products and services that make a measurable difference to our customers.

Our key ingredient- precious metals - is already very valuable, but common sense innovation adds even more value for customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders. Metalor is committed .to building a bridge from the world of science to the worlds of industry and everyday life. Whether the result is a breakthrough dental alloy offering ultimate patient safety, or electronic contacts used in a space shuttle, for us innovation has to have visible meaning, and not a million different interpretations.

In the pages of this website that follow we offer you a taste of our achievements across all sectors where we are active. We hope that you will continue to follow the Metalor story in the future as we use common sense innovation to penetrate new markets and develop cutting-edge products and services - created by people, with people, for people.

Dr. Scott Morrison

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