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Metalor produce wire and profiles made of precious metals and pseudo-alloys of precious metals. Diameters are available from 0.85 mm upwards for the manufacture of rivets, unitary welded contacts on strips and so on. Delivery is on reels or coiled. Profiles can be supplied with or without a brazing layer.

Metalor can also supply contacts made of precious metal alloys or pseudo-alloys in the form of rivets (solid, bi-metal or tri-metal), tips (with or without a brazing alloy layer). Most of our materials are produced by powder metallurgy and so can be obtained by compression (AgC, AgNi, AgW, AgWC, CuCr) or extruded in the form of strips or wire (AgNi, AgC, AgFe, AgCdO, AgSnO2, AgFe2O3, AgZnO).

Please contact us for any special requirement.

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