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Powders and Flakes

We supply a comprehensive range of leading edge materials to meet the demanding requirements of the automotive, electrical, renewable energy (photovoltaics), and electronic industries. We produce precious metal powders and flakes with various particle sizes, surface areas and morphologies by chemical, electrochemical or mechanical means.

Based on our proprietary technology we produce:

  • Customized flakes for electrically and thermally conductive die attach and adhesives for microelectronic applications.
  • Silver powders and flakes for ceramic interconnect, low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) fabrication and passive component termination.
  • Specialty silver powders and flakes for polymer thick film (PTF), membrane touch switches (MTS), RFID antennas and printed electronic (PE) applications.
  • Engineered silver powders and flakes for the rapidly growing photovoltaics/solar cell market place.
  • Silver powders for sprayable inks, formable gaskets and other shielding materials.
  • A variety of materials via joint development programmes for custom applications, including, but not limited to, emerging display requirements.

Metalor powders and flakes are currently manufactured in Europe and the USA, with additional production capacity in China. These powders are of high purity, have well-defined particle size distributions, are highly de-agglomerated and easily dispersed.

Technology Leadership

We extend this powder expertise to the fabrication of silver flakes which are manufactured using highly efficient, automated milling techniques. The excellence of the range of flakes is widely acknowledged by formulators of conductive adhesives, inks and pastes that serve a variety of electronic applications.

Electrically and thermally conductive adhesives for microelectronic applications

Working in partnership with valued customers, we have carried out extensive development programmes to customize silver flakes and powders to suit many electronic applications. We are acknowledged as a leading supplier of precious metal flakes and powders to the global semiconductor die attach industry.

Ceramic interconnect, low temperature co-fired ceramic (ltcc) fabrication and passive component termination

Formulators can choose from a wide variety of our silver powders and flakes to ensure the quality, performance and reliability demanded by these critical and diverse applications.


Based on our powder and flake technology, formulators have developed front and rear side metallization paste systems for the manufacture of solar cells. We are committed to work with leading suppliers on innovative solutions for next generation cells.

Polymer thick film, membrane touch switches, rfid and emerging printed electronic applications

We collaborate with formulators on next generation products via joint development agreements (JDA′s) exploiting the latest statistical tools, e.g. DOE (Design of Experiments), Minitab etc. to deliver highest value add solutions and reduce time to market.


Formulators of sprayable inks, formable gaskets and other shielding materials specify Metalor brand silver powders and flakes. These products have been specifically developed for use in high specification shielding applications.

Pure metal powders

We offer a range of pure silver, gold, platinum, palladium and iridium powders of various morphologies to meet the demands of today's markets. These products are used in a variety of applications including fuel cells, gas sensors, electrochemical sensors and biosensors. Large volumes of silver and silver graphite are supplied for electrical contacts.

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