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Plating Equipment

Our plating processes are developped in strong partnership with our affiliate Mitomo Semicon Engineering Co., plating equipment manufacturer. This enables us to provide a comprehensive service, including the production of precious metal plating solutions and ancillary products as well as the most suitable equipment for the final coating process.

Plating equipment for connectors and lead frames are designed to meet the demands of low volume and high mix productions as well as selective plating. At Mitomo Semicon Engineering Co. our objective is to produce moduled equipment based on the concept: "easy to use", "easy to change" and "easy to maintain".

We offer custom-built plating equipment and products meeting our customers’ individual needs. As a leading manufacturer of plating equipment for the electronics industry our machines are in operation worldwide and our production range comprises the following types of machinery:

  • Reel-to-reel plating equipment for connectors
  • Spot plating equipment for lead frames
  • Spot plating equipment for cut-strip lead frames
  • Plating equipment for semiconductors (wafers)

Link: Mitomo Semicon Engineering Co.

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