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Advanced Coatings

The Advanced Coatings Division has a number of competitive advantages in the market place: best in class gold, silver and PGM products and solutions, consistency in product quality, product reliability, maximum performance in application and lowest applied cost (via speed, yield, delivery advantages). The division is positioning itself as a one-stop-provider of a comprehensive range of services.

Our manufacturing sites are located in Switzerland (Marin and Neuchatel), the United States of America (Attleboro and North Attleboro), France (Oullins), China (Suzhou) and Japan (Numazu and Tsukuba). R&D centres are in Switzerland, USA, Singapore and Japan. All key facilities are ISO 9001 accredited and "best practice" is applied with respect to health & safety and environmental matters (ISO 14001 in Switzerland, UK, China and Japan). The Attleboro silver powder and flake manufacturing site is ISO/TS 16949 certified.

Metalor’s steady investment into an expanding product range advantageously equips the company to respond to changes in markets' specific requirements. Our division comprises five business groups with a multitude of products.

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